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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The wowsers continue to make inroads

Just because you don't like something it doesn't mean that you have a God given right to slap a ban on it. I don't like idiot theists coming to my door telling my I'm a bad person because I don't tythe to their church but I don't try to ban them. I tell them they are idiots and enjoy it.

So, the wowser parade marches on:

Fred Nile - who votes for this guy and what are you thinking?

Is topless sun bathing even mentioned in the bible? I doubt that it is but I'm sure the wowsers are holding their bible up and saying it is mentioned. It doesn't matter whether it is mentioned or not, bible types don't need it to actually be mentioned in the bible for them to find something that they can pretend means don't topless sunbathe.
Does Nile wear a mankini when he swims? That would be a funny pic! Does he want Australian women to wear a buhkah?

The owners of the boobs get to decide. If a woman doesn't care about it why should Nile? WTF!? If he doesn't want to see them (and I think the problem is that he really does) then don't look. I saw topless sunbathing when I was a kid and it hasn't destroyed my life. They were, are and will always be: only boobs! Get over it churchy!

Go and do some sort of good work. It says to do that in the bible too but that sounds hard. It's easier to moralise about stupid crap than actually do something. If Christianity is such a powerful force for change and good then you should be able to show me some sort of good coming from its application instead of this pointless browbeating... actual good, not implied good like: 'If only we could cover every boob in the world we would win the fight against evil.' Get a grip!

Good on Sally Betts for being aghast at just the right moment! She knows they are only boobs and there are bigger fish to fry in public life.

So we move to the Caribbean:

Why would one go to the Caribbean if not to wear a bikini (we are not talking about going topless, just being in a bikini) or budgie smugglers? They're throwing away their only asset here. Who would live their if they didn't like seeing people in bikinis. Now this story doesn't specify that their are religious zealot behind the fining of people for wearing a bikini off the beach but when it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck there is a strong possibility that it is a duck.

Now to Bali:
Bali is seeing the problem with giving too much power to religious nutjobs. They are classifying anything that looks like... anything as pornography. Well, I have to say: if Hindu penis carvings float your boat then go to it but don't take your fantasies out of the rest of us.

Fortunately Bali seems like it might get an exemption from these Koran based laws. Bali is predominantly Hindu anyway. At least they know which side their bread is buttered on.

So, on to Italy:

The Italians have handed more law making powers down to local government. If Italian local government attracts the same caliber of law maker as in Australia it is no wonder that they have come up with petty, stupid laws. For example: a public display of affection in a car in Eboli will cost you EUR500. WTF!? How affectionate are we talking? Is giving flowers a capital crime now? This will only drive jewellers underground you know. It's probably for shagging in a car which, I admit, would be unseemly unless you had curtains in your panel van... or a motor home.

So, to my point, mind your own business and get your dusty old books out of my life.

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