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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Procrastination - Just have to add AN to this list.

AN is my favourite waste of time:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pastor Steven L Anderson ravings about gynocologists.

What's Wrong with Male Gynecologists?
by Pastor Steven L Anderson, 2006

1. Is nudity before the opposite gender a sin?
2. Are male obstetricians or gynecologists condoned in the Bible?
3. Are male gynecologists professionals or perverts?

This guy is so misguided!


Simpsons' take on religion

Some irreligious Simpsons quotes:

Sean the Blogonaut - some good posts.

Hillsong pushing the boundaries again…

Shine - The sickly sweet face of Hillsong Evangelism

Mercy Ministries - Honest at last ?

Shine…for Jesus

Hillsong's Shine School Program

A critique on Hillsong's Shine School Program:

The Christian evangelist organisation "Hillsong" has developed a program which is being delivered in schools nationwide. The program statement released on 26th July 2008 claims that it is non-religious; delivered by qualified staff from the areas of youth work, community work and welfare; does not reinforce gender stereotypes; and uses "personal care" topics merely to break down barriers for the discussion of issues such as peer pressure, self-esteem, bullying and other challenges of adolescence. This paper provides a critique of these claims and a caution in support of the legitimate concerns of parents and educators about the potential for facilitators to influence students towards their religious beliefs and recruit them to their organisations. Of equal concern is the program content and its implicit endorsement (despite claims to the contrary) of narrow and potentially debilitating feminine stereotypes.

Atheist Alphabet Meme project

The atheist alphabet meme project:

Christian Privilege in Australia, as demonstrated by our Prime Minister

From Sean the Blogonaut:

When a wacky fundamentalist Islamic Cleric Samir Abu Hamza says that its okay for men to rape and beat their wives our Prime Minister rightly condemns it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Equality? 'Real Muslim women in Mali don't want it - it's un-Islamic!'

TENS of thousands of people in Mali's capital, Bamako, have been protesting against a new law which gives women equal rights in marriage.

There is just no point in trying to disabuse them of their retardation, they wallow in it.
As soon as you criticise intellectuals you've lost me.

Link to freethinker blog below. Warning, disturbing (but true) image.


Simpsons Top Trumps: Skeptics Edition

So, here's another batch of top trumps, this time inspired by the Simpsons, but skeptically themed. You probably can't read the text on the card so click each one to expand them.


Glycine in a comet tail.

Glycine in a comet tail might not sound like much but abiogenics is a set of provable facts which have the advantage,over ID, of not being looney rubbish.

SMH Article:

Dawkins in Free Inquiry

"If you live in America the chances are that your next door neighbors believe the following: the inventor of the laws of physics and Programmer of the DNA code decided to enter the uterus of a Jewish virgin, got himself born, then deliberately had himself tortured and executed because he couldn't think of a better way to forgive the theft of an apple, committed at the instigation of a snake. As Creator of the majestically expanding universe, he not only understands relativistic gravity and quantum mechanics but actually designed them. Yet what he really cares about is "sin," abortion, how often you go to church, and whether gay people should marry. Statistically, the chances are that your neighbors believe all that-and they vote."

Richard Dawkins, -- In his letter to recommend the magazine Free Inquiry.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Answering "... but atheism is a religion"

The Good Atheist blogs about:
Tired Christian Claim #1: Atheism is a Religion

Abiogenics is mentioned in the comments with a reference to the Miller-Urey experiment.

Darwin's work vandlised

Darwin's Origin of the species has been forwarded by a fundie. Make sure you don't buy this version and that your school doesn't have this tampered with copy available to students.

TheGoodAtheist's blog post.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The rape challenge: upsetting fundies.

Austin Cline blogs about atheism on

He issues the following challenge to anyone who cares to accept it, but especially to anyone who holds that the Bible is a book of good morals. Make the following three declarations:
1. I denounce rape as morally wrong: there are no exceptions.
2. I denounce as evil the practice of forcing rape victims to marry their rapists.
3. I denounce as evil any law, code of ethics, or any other statement of moral principles that contains an injunction requiring a rape victim to marry to her rapist.

Since the Bile does contain such an injunction, accepting this challenge necessarily means that you are denouncing the Bible, declaring it NOT to be a good source of moral guidance.

This is where the wheels will fall off your wagon cause they'll go on about how that part of the bible was not written for this time. Like the not eating things that swim without fins, prawns, and wearing eyeglasses before the lord... how the hell are you supposed to know where he'll be? Unlike the homosexual bits... they were definitely written for this time, yes?

How can a book written by an omnipotent, omniscient being not be universally applicable throughout all time... as one would expect it to be? article:

Thunderf00t talking to Ray Comfort.

Melbourne, Australia: The Rise of Atheism Convention

Atheist Alliance International and Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc
Present... "Rise of Atheism"

The 2010 Atheist Global Convention Melbourne, Australia * 12-14 March

Register your interest in attending via this web site.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Old guy dancing for jesus"

Is this another example of Jesus teaching people how to be good? First, the old dude... does this... then, not one person thinks to stand up, or stop "singing" to see if he's OK. WTF?

Monday, August 10, 2009

CFI Talk

Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ann Druyan and Victor Stenger discuss science.