Theists actually believe this stuff!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The problem of theists and their porn hysteria.

Julie Amero, substitute teacher, was found guilty of endangering children and threatened with 40 years in gaol as a result of her laptop, which was riddled with spyware and trojans, displayed ads for porn sites to some kids.

Now, obviously it is preferable that kids aren't exposed to porn but we are talking about an accident. If computer end users were able to stop trojans and popups the porn industry would stop using them.

This is wowsering gone insane. Do Christians who accidently let their children read about Lot and his daughters get threatened with life in gaol?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Born without a brain!

This tele-vangelist claims that people had faith after being told that their "baby was born without a brain" and now she can count to five and cross her legs (not sure why crossing your legs is such an acheivement. Maybe that's something I'll ask the next inbred yokle I see, just to make conversation.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Wikipedia Affiliate Button

I reference wikipedia before the bible every time. At least when there is a disagreement over wikipedia's text it doesn't end in being burnt at the stake, a war, being stoned to death, or even so much as a fight.

Monday, November 17, 2008

An alternative Genesis explanation

Creationists want science to give equal time to Intelligent Design or to at least teach the controversy between Evolution Theory and Intelligent design. What about the creation story of Ngiyaampaa country, Australia. It strikes me as an equally valid creation story. It neatly explains our existence here without being too difficult to understand like nasty old Evolution Theory.

Censor the Bible

Christians are all for censorship of violent or adult materials. Maybe they should have a long hard look at their dusty old book before they start bashing others over the head with it. If you want violence, rape and porn look no further than the dusty old book.

The Australian Sex Party

A new political party in Australia. They need 500 members to form a party.

Now this is funny:

Hong Kong's anti-porn watchdog recieves 200 complaints about passages in the bible.

The Secular Party of Australia

The Secular Party of Australia want's to keep dusty old books out of our modern, secular society. There is a gap in Australian politics. Major parties are continuing to align with churches. The secular party wants to point out the flaws in allowing one group to have too much political power.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

In the news:

Religion really improved family life for this family. The controlling husband wouldn't let the wife seek medical help for a sick child. The child died of pneumonia and a kidney infection. Fortunately the husband's continued faith that his god would heal all ills lead to his death from heart failure. I think a Darwin Award is in order.

To George W: He's been spruking on about people's right to change religion. Changing is OK but claiming no religion is less popular, I think.

Bad Religion's Atheist Peace

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vic Stenger appears in a debate on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Fora program.

This embed will play if you give it time to load up. If it doesn't work go here.

The topic of the debate is "We would be better off without religion".