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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The Victorian State Government education accreditation body has been given a Humanist Ethical Lesson plan to be taught to children who's parents do not want their children to be given religion lessons in Victorian primary schools. Previously they were given no activities or lessons, they were left to their own devises for the period.

Religion claims to be able to teach people how to be good. Humanism, equally, claims to teach an ethical system. Humanism offers a workable ethical system based on tested, proven concepts. Just because it lacks a supernatural punishment for non-compliance that doesn't render it invalid.

Religion is quite right to be afraid of this movement. It is staring down the barrel of extinction. One of the few claims it is still allowed to make by agnostics and soft atheists is that it teaches morality. If a system without supernatural threat is found to be just as valid people on the middle ground will see one more of religion's lies.

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