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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Teen Rape Case - SMH

This SMH article tells of 7 boys around 16 raping a 13 year old repeatedly.

So, the happy clappers are gonna be after the pornographers again.

However, for me, there is a hint. I know I am reading between the lines a lot here. But if my theist oponents ignore the rule that correlation does not imply causation then I'll join in and be intuitive. One of the kids was not permitted by his parents to recieve school based sex education prior to the event. For me that equals happy-clapper parents. Secular parents want their children to have real information as they need it to deal with real world situations as they encounter them.

How would real sex education have helped here?
. If these kids had know what rape was one of them might have seen that this was wrong and said something or just gone home. I bet each parent of the boys wishes their boy had walk away and rung the police.
. She would have know that she was out of her depth and that 16 year old boys have just one thing on their minds.
. Did they use condoms? Is she pregnant? This situation is bad enough without this poor girl having to life with the repercussions of this forever.

How religion primed society and these boys for this event:
. Christianity says that a girl who steps into any situation and is raped did the wrong thing. It says that she should have been more careful. The blame is pushed onto the victim. Islam does this more - thus the bhurka.
. Religions tell their members that others are of less worth than their fellow flock members. This xenophobia justifies rape of 'the other'.
. Women are second class citizens to theists. Made from a rib to keep men company, rib woman gets what she diserves.
. Men are instilled with a sense of entitlement to women's bodies - just look at traditional wedding vows.
. Women brought sin into the world (the snake/apple affair) so they get what they deserve.
. With a black and white attitude towards the world theists will stoop to depravity when they fall from grace - in for a pound, in for a penny. The idea that a fall from grace is a complete fall is what leads many Catholic girls into prostitution.
. Once a woman has fallen from grace she is worthless. For these boys she probably got what she diserved because she went on a date with one of them.

Football teaches young men the wrong thing too.
. Again, a sense of entitlement.
. The message is that if you are good enough, you'll get away with it. Our society seeks to be like its idols by wearing the same brand shoes or shirt and raping girls in the same manner.
. Football teaches that might is right.

Christianity has had 2000 years to make the society it says it can make. It is no closer today than it ever has been. Society wasn't safe when they had enough power to burn you to death or drown you for disagreeing with them. The problems and threats were just different. We only give politicians a few years to show that their policies are working then we dump them. Why have we stuck this this crap for so long? Is it because we want to believe their lies?

If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

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