Theists actually believe this stuff!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Churchies more likely to cheat.

Church goers are more likely to steal a paper from a self serve booth. They feel that, as they are generally more moral and righteous, that things that they think of doing are right. Like a spoilt child who does anything that pops into his or her mind because the parents never defined and applied proper boundries.

Now this is one of their Ten Commandments (and under Greed in the 7 deadly sins) so why would theists be doing this. This really is a problem with religion. It tells people they are good if they make the correct tythe to their church and attend weekly to repent. As a humanist all I see is a dirty little theif.

Clean your own dirty laundry first before you start accusing me of being bad, theist scum.

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