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Monday, January 26, 2009

Mercy Ministries again... well, they keep it up.

This blog is not a search and destroy mission against Mercy Ministries, however, they persist so I persist in attacking them.

Live News ran a story not unlike previous stories telling of Mercy Ministries' treatment of medical conditions with prayer and exorcism.

The difference is that there is a video of Mercy Ministries boss Peter Irvine. Mr Irvine is also CEO of Gloria Jean Coffee. During the video footage he says that there is no use of exorcism in the Mercy Ministries program. They also have photocopies of the Mercy Ministries handbook that explains how to do exorcisms. Put the two together and something doesn't match.

Now, as every dogmatic christian will tell you, Mr Irvine cannot be lying because he is a christian. I'm not buying that assessment. My experience of Christians is that they will lie through their teeth and they will believe almost anything to forward their ridiculous belief system.

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Anonymous said...

Yes they 100% did do exorcisms at Mercy Ministries. My best friend was there and she left after they did it to her. Not all Christians are liars though. I would more say that Irvine is not a Christian, or not a very good example of one, rather than saying Christians are liars. My bestie who was there was and is still a Christian.