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Friday, January 9, 2009

Ten Commandments

"But the 10 commandments are a good moral guide", said Bruce... well, are they?
George Carlin disagrees. Anyone as excellent (Whoa. Rufus, duude.) as Carlin needs to be listened to:

So, because Atheists, Humanists... etc are a mixed bag they wont be pinned down to a common set of rules. That said, there are common threads. Most importantly, they don't want to kill each other over the differences.

Dawkins offered an alternative 10 commandments in The God Delusion. Really, given that you don't throw 3 of them away sucking up to god you get more bang for your buck with the Dawkins version. That page shows a few other versions too.

A discussion on the same:

This is a better list without the baggage of thousands of years of bloodshed:

Ted Turner's 10 Commandments. Mr Turner received the 1990 recipient of Humanist of the Year award from the American Humanism Association.

Or, perhaps, some golden rules:

Positive Atheism's list with detailed explainations:

That'll do for now...

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Vince said...

There's a flaw if you do not believe the Biblical Ten Commandments. It is because when you choose not to believe in it, it will force therefore to believe on the other. Then you will have to decide which is more reliable, is it something that was written a very long time ago and was literally being followed by millions of people around the world, or something that was said by another atheist by the invention of reasoning? With reasoning along, what would you choose???