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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Widow saves dead husband's sperm

A grieving widow has won a Supreme Court injunction to save her dead husband's sperm after a Brisbane IVF clinic informed her it would be destroyed.

Kate Bazley launched the action after the Wesley Monash clinic told her it was against their policy to provide IVF treatment to a single woman.


In a secular democracy a hospital is allowed to use it's misguided morality and black and white view of the world to hurt a person who is grieving the loss of her husband. She is not a single mum, she is a widow. She didn't unmarry him or unlove him, he fucking-well died. The very last thing she has of him is the chance at having the baby they planned while he was alive.

And what if she was a single woman who wants to have a baby. What the hell does it have to do with the hospital? If she wants a child these bronze age minds need her to have a husband - to be owned by a man.

Shit it's hard not to really hate fuckwits like this. The Uniting Church and Wesley are definitely off my donation list.

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