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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bikinis-for-Burquas: swapping favors with EuroMuslims

Extremist Muslims in Europe demand that their creed be accepted and accommodated -- they want "freedom" to observe their customs via mosques, minarets, halal food, burquas, veils, sharia law, and charming rituals like public stoning, honor killings, and exhortations for global jihad.

Do Extremist Muslims realize how hugely hypocritical their requests are? In Saudi Arabia - birthplace & centre of Islam - there are stringent restrictions on all other faiths.

Perhaps Muslims need help understanding how two-faced they appear? To assist them, I've compiled a few proposals that enable Saudi Arabia and Europe to enjoy equal levels of religious tolerance.


Sometimes you have to turn something up-side-down to see what it is.

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