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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pope's No. 2: Pedophilia linked to homosexuality

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said

"Many psychologists and psychiatrists have demonstrated that there is no relation between celibacy and pedophilia. But many others have demonstrated, I have been told recently, that there is a relation between homosexuality and pedophilia. That is true," said Bertone. "That is the problem."

His comments drew angry reactions from Chile's gay rights advocates.

"Neither Bertone nor the Vatican has the moral authority to give lessons on sexuality," said Rolando Jimenez, president of the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation in Chile.

Jimenez also said no reputable study exists to support the cardinal's claims.

"This is a perverse strategy by the Vatican to shirk its own ethical and legal responsibility by making a spurious and disgusting connection," he said.
At least one of the highest-profile pedophiles in the Chilean church victimized young girls, including a teenager who became pregnant."

Many? Really? Where are the peer reviewed studies on this? Revelation and authority just don't cut it anymore guys. You have to come up with a hypothesis, your's is that gay people rape children, then gather all the evidence, not just eh evidence that supports your point. You have to analyse all the evidence and determine whether it supports your hypothesis. So, where's your evidence? These priests may very well have been gay but that is different to being a pedophile. Someone may very well be attracted to children of the same gender but that makes them a homosexual (same sex) pedophile (child fucker).

In the end it doesn't matter what anyone says to the Catholics. They are just trying to shift the blame for their own twisted lives and actions onto an easy target. They have been demonising minorities like to consolidate their power for years. They wont stop doing just because it is evil. They don't care about being evil in this world because they think that this world doesn't matter. all that matters to them is sucking up to their supernatural friends.

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