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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Atheism: King Of The Bigots

That is not to say that Christians do not attack Atheism, but let us remember the creed of Atheism seeks to rid the world of Christianity. Christianity (at least practiced as it is supposed to be) is respectful of other peoples beliefs. Christianity respects Atheism and the rights of those who practice it to hold their beliefs. Christianity believes in individual morality. While it appears Atheists do not extend this same right to Christians.


Another hilarious day in the alternate universe of Catholicism.

Watch closely:
I am an atheist. That means I don't believe in any gods, not just yours. You are an atheist when it comes to Islam's god and thousands of other gods.

Just because I don't believe in your god, it doesn't mean I want to wipe you from the face of the earth. That you thought that says more about your mindset than mine.

Show me the evidence for your god and I will believe in it. Produce your proof.

You are under attack because your church helped men have sex with children. I don't need to look at your bible to know that this is wrong (your bible doesn't say that this is wrong - I would have thought an all loving god would have included that sort of thing in the 10 commandments). An apology to the people your organisation has hurt would be a great place to start.

Stop having a huge tantrum and blaming me. I didn't hold those innocent children down so your priests could rape them. I'm not into that sort of thing. I'm firmly against it.

Clean up your own game before you try telling everyone else that condoms and gay people are evil or what ever.

Stop trying to force everyone else to play by your rules. I have not joined your church. If I thought you represented god on earth I would have signed up. How would you like being bullied by, say, Muslims, and made to comply with all of their obtuse rules? Say if they started telling you not to drink wine in holy communion because it's all extra evil and stuff.

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