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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Secular society a 'recipe for loneliness '

Anglicans quake in their boots cause secular-ness is coming! EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

An absence of faith invites an inward focus and undermines human relationships, Dr Jensen said in his Easter address at St Andrew's Cathedral on Sunday morning.

"I have emphasised human loneliness this Easter because that is what expert observers of our society are saying is a real problem," Dr Jensen said.

"It is what we would expect to occur given the secularist philosophy we have embraced.

"This philosophy emphasises the individual and individual rights, it invites us to invent our own lives and it undervalues commitment to other human beings.

"It is a recipe for loneliness and the path to a very lonely old age."

The Age Article

Anglican... whatever his fucking title is... Dr Jensen is keeping up the scare campaign with his threats of dying alone if you think that we should protect the 'secular' in Australia's secular democracy. One would think that a professional religionist would at least know what secular means. Secular democracy simply means that the government will be neutral towards religion. This allows all religions to stand on their own merits, without the assistance of the government. That doesn't make it anti-religion. Does he really want the government making rules about religion? What if those rules favour islam or catholicism instead of his favourite meme, anglicanism? Would he be screeching then.

Typical of religionists, he abuses a group of people then blames them for his abuse. Just like rape culture and the cathlics. Atheists this time instead of GLBTI or women or muslims or witches or whoever they've decided to hate this week...

There is no better way to unite a group than to denounce others as evil. They're struggling for relevance, followers and their very existence so they'd better introduce a dose xenophobia just to frighten everyone back to church.

It's not working on me and I suspect that people will just see it for the cynical move that it is.

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