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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dennett and LaScola interview and study ministers (etc) who've lost their belief in God/s

Walk into a church on a Sunday and you might find that a few of the people in the pews are atheists - there because they like the old hymns or the comforting murmur of the liturgy or because their spouses insist. Or because, at some level, they're still pretending they believe. They are spectators, in other words, not participants.

But what about the person leading the service? How likely is it that a member of the clergy might be an atheist as well - delivering the sermon and choosing the Bible passages, and afterward paying house calls to offer spiritual counsel to those in trouble and doubt, all without believing in God?

Daniel Dennett decided to find out. A leading philosopher of consciousness, a Tufts University professor, and a famously outspoken atheist, Dennett has for years been curious about the phenomenon of nonbelieving clergy. And now, working with a researcher and clinical social worker named Linda LaScola, he has embarked on a project to find and publicize their stories.

Link: Boston Times

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Anonymous said...

It's easy to see why parishoners, as well as the church's clergy would be non-beleivers. If I had no idea of how to interperate the bible, and was, instead, mistaught what was in it, how could I beleive? For years I was sceptical of any church, since they had taught me nothing accurate about the bible. After I received proper training and was found worthy by Jehovah(the true God) of understanding what the bible REALLY says, it made total sense. I, then, became a beleiver. Having encountered demons through the years, I never doubted that there was, in fact, a spirit realm, of some sort. And, no, I am not crazy.It's sad that the whole world is "lying in the power of the wicked one" and they don't even know it. The churches have failed miserably, and mislead the whole world with false teachings, immorality, and worst of all hypocrocy. One last thing, many that profess to not beleive in any god, are sadly, whether they know it or not, supporting a god. And that is the same god that has blinded their minds and wants to make sure that they stay blinded. Very soon the name of Jehovah will be magnified and known by every man, woman and child, across the face of the earth. Too bad, that by that point, it will be too late. The "god that blinds the world" is Satan. And he is very good at what he does. Seek Jehovah, while there is still time.