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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is Reason My “God” In Whom I Have “Faith?”

A Christian friend recently told me we all have faith and that reason was my “god” in whom I had faith. Reason is not a ”god” in whom one has faith. That’s just false. Reason is a set of cognitive processes that are potentially truth-conducive. That’s IT. We are all, as rational beings subject to its demands of logic, evidence, honesty, etc. That does not make it a “god” but the only authority in matters of truth we have. That’s not a matter of faith, that’s a rational inference.

Link: Camels with Hammers.

I get this a lot. I'm told that I: "believe in atheism", or "man is my god"... shit like that. I don't have "faith" in reason. Reason works. It has a history of working. Religion has a history of failure. But religion's have a neat trick. When religion fails to deliver a result it's because we didn't use it right. When religion works the god in question scores a point.

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