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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Campbell lived with secret for two decades: Keneally

David Campbell, who resigned last night before television footage of him visiting a gay sex club was aired, had been living a double life for more than two decades, Premier Kristina Keneally said today.


I do not care that he's bi-sexual. It is none of the public's business.
He is a product of society's homophobia. Mr Campbell has never been allowed to express something that is a part of him. This can be seen in his wording of his apology:
I want to make it very clear that never, over the period of my public life have those personal choices impacted in any way shape or form on the decisions I’ve had to make in public life.

Choices? He is saying that he chose to be bi-sexual. He is saying that being bi-sexual is wrong.

What he did wrong was lied to his wife. But he lied to his wife over issues on infidelity. This is a thing that people lie about. No-one is going to tell the truth over this. It is inherently a lie. If she knew about it, it would be called an open marriage.

So, it rolls forward. There are rumors that he campaigned on a 'family values' platform. Did this include an anti-gay component, as 'family values' propaganda often does?

Now he's done something wrong. He has been hiding who he is and putting others down for the very same thing. This would be cynical and hypocritical of him. However, he is still a product of society. A society which treats being gay as a bad thing, not just a thing. If society had been more accepting of the perfectly normal state of being gay none of this crap would have happened.

So, I blame theists. Their bronze age bullshit about homosexuality is played out again.

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