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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Burkas should be banned as 'unAustralian', senator claims

Cory Bernardi, a Liberal from South Australia, complained that the full Islamic veil was a "repressive domination of men over women" and established "different sets and expectations in society".
Writing on his blog following an armed robbery in Sydney by a man wearing a burka and sunglasses, he said: "It is un-Australian - and it's symbolic barrier is far greater than the measure of cloth it is created from. For safety and for society, the burka needs to be banned."


The word 'unAustralian' makes my skin crawl. I agree that the burka should be banned. I'm not allowed to walk into a service station or bank with a full face helmet on for security reasons. I would not talk to a person with dark/mirrored glasses on. It's just rude.

For balance, the good things about the burka:
. they hide the bruises and missing teeth
. cross dressing is easy so Muslim men can take their underage bum boys bitches out to lunch
. with all that mystery, Muslim men can dream that they're not married to a skin-headed pit-bull with a bull's nose ring

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