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Monday, May 24, 2010

Archbishop says scale of sex abuse can't be denied

The Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn, Mark Coleridge, has called on Catholic leaders to do everything possible to stop sexual abuse within the Church.

Archbishop Coleridge says he accepts there is a cultural problem within the Church that has led to the abuse, and an institutional pride that has prevented many from speaking out.

The Archbishop will raise the issue in his pastoral address to the community this week.

He has told Radio National that although the level of abuse in the Church is small, every incident is appalling.


Sometimes you think they're starting to get this, although they did prattle on about 'sin' (what ever the fuck that is) a lot.

Let's just get this straight. Sin, and original sin, is a blame shift. These guys fucked kids. You can call it a sin if you want. Society is beyond 'sin', they want hard punishment for guys who fuck kids, not blame shifting excuses.

Hand these kid fuckers over to the cops so that they can be put in jail for decades. That is what is needed here. No loving forgiveness of sin. That doesn't unfuck kids.

When you are done doing that, prostate yourself in front of the victims and beg them to forgive you as you pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation until every last cent you have hoarded over the centuries is gone. Then we can start to talk about whether you have made amends.

And stop blaming gay people for all of societies woes. They didn't do this horrible, dreadful, aweful thing. Your organisation did it. You are an organisation of kid fuckers!


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