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Friday, May 28, 2010

In Your Face: French attempts to outlaw the burqa strike a blow for the rights of women.

Ah, but the particular and special demand to consider the veil and the burqa as an exemption applies only to women. And it also applies only to religious practice (and, unless we foolishly pretend otherwise, only to one religious practice). This at once tells you all you need to know: Society is being asked to abandon an immemorial tradition of equality and openness in order to gratify one faith, one faith that has a very questionable record in respect of females.

Slate Article:

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Andrew said...

I presume nun's habits are also being banned for the same reason, yes?

After all, Sarkozy wouldn't want to allow his Catholicism to bias him in this regard, would he?

After all, Sarkozy's normally really keen on women's rights. If he didn't like women he wouldn't have married a model (and then left her for a popular French folk singer). I mean it's not as if Sarkozy decided to try to mess up a woman's career as justice minister by announcing a new justice reform during her maternity leave. And it's not like he tried to badmouth her when she came back to work early. Oh wait a minute...