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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nephew was outted, and then kicked out of school

I am just beside myself tonight. This afternoon I got a frantic call from my sister in North Carolina. Her 18 year old son was outted at his school today. She had expected he was gay, but due to her religious beliefs, never wanted to believe it. Well today, he was outed at his private Christian school. The principal called him in to his office to ask if the allegations against him were true, and he admitted that they were. He was immediately kicked out of school. He's a senior and was scheduled to graduate with honors in just 4 months. Can they do this?

More religion teaching people how to be good. These parents have alienated their child. Fortunately the poor lad's Aunt is not a fundamentalist fool too and is going to take him in. And the school! I hope the student is able to sue them for discrimination but I suspect that he wont be able to. I suspect that they will be allowed to be bigoted idiots by hiding behind freedom of religion laws.


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