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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Atheism: the good, the bad and the ugly

Another atheist practicing his faith-protectionist-apologetics, who didn't attend the conference, expresses the biases that kept him from the conference as fact. For example:

There's more to the meaning of life than proving God does (or doesn't) exist.

Atheism does not seek to prove or disprove god/s. Atheism is a subjective opinion.

THE atheists have come and were seen, but did they conquer? Not, it would seem, quite yet. Last week's atheists convention wasn't bigger than Jesus, but it was large enough - 2500 unbelievers flocking to the Melbourne Convention Centre to mingle with the like-minded. Somewhat smaller than a Sunday mass at St Peter's Basilica, but you need to realise that these are people who pride themselves on not having a herd mentality.

The author may very well think that the convention was a futile attempt to overthrow religion. The organizers and attendants knew that this was totally unachievable.


It took me a long time to understand and accept the label 'new atheist'. People like the author, made passionless by years of struggle and defeat, showed me that I am a new atheist. The old atheist model of just leaving moral authority and deferring to the opinions of theists has failed. They have taken more and more control and are now trying to legislate their baseless moral opinions. Enough is enough.

Link to SMH article.

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