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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A badge of courage - Jane Caro

Until Richard Dawkins exploded onto the scene, I had never heard a man described as strident. It was a put-down reserved exclusively for women with both strong opinions and the nerve and cheek to express them without being the least deferential. Along with the word "militant", strident had become the automatic descriptor for anyone who publicly proclaimed her feminism.

Germaine Greer is often described as strident and so was Hillary Clinton - particularly in her run to become the first female President of the US. Since she has become the mouthpiece of US foreign policy, however, I notice the epithet is no longer so regularly applied.

On Line Opinion

Jane Caro's talk was far too short. The conference offered a women's panel which was just an excuse to cram 4 excellent speakers into one hour. The fellow after was dull like watching paint dry! I wished that they'd given his hour to the 4 brilliant women before him.

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