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Friday, March 19, 2010

Heaven's above, this po-faced cynic gives atheism a bad name

The trouble with Richard Dawkins, the famous atheist, is that he has no sense of humour. Or if he does, if there is some elfin gaiety within, it has lost the struggle to get out. Dawkins's argument for atheism is impeccable, the logic unassailable. I agree with every word of it: there are no gods, never have been. It's his method that's all wrong.

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Falls under the catagory of "Meh", Carlton.

I'm not interested in being an 'old atheist'. I have embraced the term 'new atheist' because I'm sick of people saying that churches should just get their way in the world. They propagate nonsense, are anti-intellectual and hurt people. The Dawk politely says enough is enough he gets lampooned by both sides.

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Carlton on Dawkins. Is this professional envy? #fdqm1r Young Aust Skeptics say this didn't happen.

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