Theists actually believe this stuff!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Canberra Witches

Not a new issue. Article from October 2009.

What the Hex is going on in Canberra?

If you happened to be in Canberra for the weekend but limited yourself to the usual tourist circuit, you missed out on quite the exorcism. Danny Nalliah, the head of Catch the Fire ministries - convinced that Canberra witches' covens had cursed our federal government with blood sacrifices on Mount Ainslie - gathered some 50 Christians to the North Canberra mountain to drive Beelzebub out.


There is a link to Grace Canberra:

They actually believe this stuff!
Why isn't there footage of witches flying around on broomsticks all over the net (beyond Harry Potter promos)?
The only evidence they have for any of this is their own fear of it.
And they get the shits if we call them stupid.

Why not show that that witchcraft is real? The person who shows that witchcraft is real by demonstrating it would win a Nobel prize for science. But proving stuff is hard. You can't just comfortably believe what you like and hate people who disagree with you. You actually have to do the work: gather the evidence, analyse the results and write up the paper. Then it is peer reviewed. The very thing that theists hat e the most. Actually putting their ideas up for comment, dissection and the risk of total destruction.

A scientist might work his whole life only to discover that he'd taken a wrong turn at the beginning of the journey and that he had wasted all that time. But it wasn't a waste. A well documented failure lets everyone else know that this is a dead end. The time is only wasted once. Not again and again for thousands of years without achieving a single valid result. What a dreadful waste! Unfathomable opportunity cost!

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