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Monday, March 22, 2010

Creationism, climate change and scientific denialism by Ken Perrott

Ken Perrott says:
Strange how one keeps coming across familiar people. Last week I was shocked to read Andrew Bolt's article on the Global Atheist Convention (see Speakers true love of hatred). He wasn't there and those of us that were recognised his article as full of distortions, misinformation and lies. Then I realised he is one of Australia's most active climate change deniers (no, in his case not a sceptic - a denier). And now I find him quoted by the creationist/intelligent design (ID) Discovery Institute in a nasty little article attacking science (see Climategate: a Word of Advice to the Scientists).

Creationists say:
"What can we do? Criminal prosecution of scientists who manipulate data would be a good start. Scientists who fake data and manipulate peer review to advance their agenda are no different than corporate executives who manipulate stock prices or lawyers who tamper with juries.

Wouldn't that land the ID proponents in a fair degree of trouble?


The same goons just keep coming up.

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