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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Helping the Haitians without subsidising proselytizing.

Hearing about the Haitian earthquake I obviously wanted to help. But how can I help without giving money to a church group who are going to use half of it to proselytize or only help people who are members of their religion.

If I don't know that a group is just gonna go and do this work and help people I'm not interested in donating to them. Offering spiritual help is roughly equivalent to offering no help at all. It makes theists feel better but it does nothing.

I particularly did not want my money going anywhere near this sort of attitude:

So, I looked around and came up with three charities that I felt comfortable with. I'm not saying that this was an exhaustive search and this is definitely not an exhaustive list.

Unicef, Oxfam and The Red Cross all seem to be neutral towards religion. I went with Oxfam because their online donation form was easiest. If one of them had have taken PayPal I'd have gone with them cause it would have been that much easier.

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