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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why women in particular should be atheists.

Have you ever noticed that God is still thought of as male? Jesus is definitely male; Christmas is not really about Mary the mother but about the baby; all the paintings of God show a man (think Michelangelo); everyone prays to Him. There are a few who try to make him asexual or even female but they are thought of as odd by Christians etc. Further, most of god's rules favour men - the old testament, much of the new testament, especially by Paul, favours men; all of the Qu'ran favours men although there is some talk of protecting women - a bit like property. The entire bible has no lead characters who were women and until recently, 99% of ministers and preachers were men. The Judeo-Christian society we live in and also the Muslim society is definitely patriarchal.
So why would women want to be Religious? Why would they want to believe that they are inferior?

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I never can understand why women are going for religion. They really lose out, as far as I can see. They are treated as second class at every turn. Their bodies become church property. They are discouraged from thinking, working, any independence... it goes on and on. It gets worse as we go back though history or into countries where Islam has hold.

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