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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't call me an Islamophobe : Johann Hari

Don't call me an Islamophobe : Johann Hari:

People who believe in opposing hatred of gay people everywhere – in Teheran as much as Tunbridge Wells, in Kingston, Jamaica as much as Kingston-Upon-Thames – are being subjected to a bizarre counter-campaign. As so often, Peter Tatchell is facing the most abusive backlash on our behalf. Tatchell believes all people are equal, regardless of their pigmentation. He does not see a difference between the white far-right preacher Jerry Falwell calling gay people diseased, and the Muslim leader Sir Iqbal Sacranie doing the same. He does not see the difference between gay teenagers being lynched to death in Jamaica and murderous gay-bashings on Clapham Common. He reacts to them in exactly the same way – by fighting to stop them.

Theists play the victim card at the drop of a hat. Here we are told of people pleading "But it's my religion" while they are advocating the lashing and stoning of gay people.

Gay people are not trying to force their beliefs onto other people. If adults want to have consenting sex with each other it is none of my business.

Sure, doing it in missionary position only, with the woman unable to say 'no', while praying to an invisible friend, is pretty weird but if that's the way two (or more) adults consent to sex than their weirdness is none of my concern.

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