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Saturday, February 20, 2010

St James ethics course starts in NSW schools

PRIMARY school children will be taught if it's OK to lie and will debate whether products should be tested on animals in the state's first ethics lessons.

Ten government schools, including Haberfield, Darlinghurst, Crown Street, Leichhardt and Hurstville, will start the landmark 10-week trial in late April.

Each week, for 30 minutes, students in Years 5 and 6 will discuss the ethics of issues such as bullying, graffiting, stealing and children's rights.

The classes, tipped to be extremely popular, will be offered to students who have opted out of scripture lessons.

NSW University philosopher Philip Cam developed the curriculum and said the classes would encourage children to consider a series of scenarios and make relative judgments.


Churches have tried to veto this (for some reason they were asked). They then whinged about religious students missing out on these lessons while saying in the next breath that the courses were unnecessary because this is what religious lessons are for.

Sitting around singing "Jesus Loves Me" is the most pointless ethics lesson ever. This sounds like a fantastic idea. I hope that the schools that implement it see a marked decrease in bullying. I suspect they will. Religion can only teach xenophobia and bullying. It relies on inequality for its pecking order power structures (eg: men are the boss of women, you have to do what priests say, the Vatican is always right... shit like that).

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