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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brisbane Catholic School Kid Stabbed to Death

My comment that wont get published:

The calls for censorship were quick to come. I think that we might need a limit on Catholic education. Wasn't a good Catholic education supposed to teach children how to be good? He probably spent more time at school than watching movies.

This, I understand, is a baseless claim but it illustrates the baseless nature of the claim that any violent movie leads to children killing each other. Could we have more facts before we start screeching for more censorship, please?

This is a very cynical attack on civil liberties by the Qld LNP party. Could we at least bury the poor child before we start using his death to leverage political and religious agendas?


Typical of politicians the blame is squarely not at the feet of the church that was supposed to teach the killer to be good. Churches, unlike everyone else in the world, don't have to take responsibility for the bad outcomes of good intentions. They can lay the blame away as 'freewill' or 'the devil'. I'm laying the blame on the Catholic School that the kid went to. They said that they could teach students to be good and they failed to deliver. The parents of the killer might have worked a little harder with the kid or sort psychiatric (assuming he was giving them trouble before hand) but instead they spent their time and money on the Catholic placebo.

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