Theists actually believe this stuff!

Thursday, August 5, 2010 - Elliott Sober: Darwin & Intelligent Design - Elliott Sober: Darwin & Intelligent Design: "Elliott Sober"


Anonymous said...

If I die in error of judgment to find there is no God, i have lost nothing. You on their other hand if you die & err on the side to find that there is a Infinite Intelligent Creator, which you defiantly denied, you have wagered & lost infinitely more then can be recovered, your immortal soul.
Rom 6:23

Anonymous said...

OK. So you're going with Pascal's wager.

You do lose something when you bet with Pascal. You lose many freedoms:
. sexual freedom: this is not fucking everything that moves, this is just freedom from the guilt that religion piles onto sex. Women feel the weight of the guilt most. It is piled upon them at every opportunity
. freedom from the ridiculous guilt that Christians are born with due to Adam and Eve's desire to eat fruit. My niece had to be ritually cleansed at three months of age by some creepy old man in some musty old church. How could this beautiful child possibly need to be cleansed of sin? She was publicly denounced as unclean at the age of three months. That's beautiful!
. you would be free from dietary restrictions. Why do animals have to be bled dry facing Mecca? Come on! If bacon is so evil, why does it taste so nice? And stuff that swims without fins? If that doesn't tell you that this is just bullshit, you don't understand the term "bullshit"
. early Sunday appointments. Any early appointment is not to my taste.
. prohibition on alcohol. I've had a few beers now. It's fantastic!
. freedom to take advantage of medical breakthroughs. If I my doctor thinks that stem cell research will help me with an illness, the last person I want to consider is some priest who's only qualification is his alarming lack of qualification.
. you would not live in fear of being flogged because you have a minority sexuality or your hair was seen by someone who wasn't related to you.

I am not going to give up this one life for a chance at a life which was very probably made up by a goat herders for whom wheel barrows were emergent technology.

You may give in to this fear of a fairy tale. You may give in to wish thinking. Go ahead and jump off Pascal's cliff with the rest of the lemmings. Do not expect me to follow you.

I do not defiantly deny your reality. I am open to any proof you can offer. Show me your god. Show me something that proves your god's existence. All I ever see is frightened little people pointing at bibles pleading others to pile into this supernatural Ponzi scheme.

If evidence for one of the thousands of gods available is offered, I will be perfectly happy to believe in that god. Offer your proof. Amaze the world!

But the hermetically sealed world you live in hates proof, reason and evidence... until you are faced with a medical problem. Then you flock to medical doctors with their medical science. Hypotheses supported by data then called theories. Theories used by medical scientists to save lives and relieve terrible pain from horrible diseases.

Then you quote your bible. Written by, and for the benefit of, the theocratic class to suppress ignorant, frightened people. Translate over and over. Tweeked to suit current politics. This document is so corrupted that it simply cannot be thought to be the word of a god.

You should take some real advice: It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.