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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jim Wallace to attend Mayoral Prayer Breakfast in Gympie.

"BRIGADIER Jim Wallace served with distinction in the Australian Army for many years after graduating from Duntroon, the British Army Staff College and the Australian College of Defence and Strategic Studies."


The Gympie Times article fails to mention that Jim Wallace is not just some lovable ex-army Brigadier but is also a raving evangelical and the head of the ACL.

I corrected them with a letter to the editor thus:

The Gympie Times article discussing the 2010 Gympie Mayoral Prayer Breakfast promised "unity" and made regular use of the word "values." In inviting president of the Australian Christian Lobby, Jim Wallace, to address this council-sanctioned religious event, exactly what "values" are being endorsed?

A look at the ACL website reveals that Mr Wallace opposes gay marriage, euthanasia and reproductive choice for women. He is a strong supporter of government censorship in the form of the mandatory internet filter and has led a campaign against a charter of human rights being introduced into Australia. The ACL questions the scientific reality of climate change.

These "values" weren't mentioned in the article, which overlooked Mr Wallace's political affiliations. It seems to me that this "unifying" meeting is espousing "values" that many Gympie ratepayers would not support. Why, then, does it have Mayoral and council endorsement?

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