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Monday, March 30, 2009

With monotonous regularity.

The US is the most religious first world nation yet with monotonous regularity we see mass murder occuring there. Christians automatically blame non-christians for these things. Their religious views are never reported. However, if 90% Americans are religious, on average I'd imagine that they commit 90% of the crime. The only stat we have to compare is the one stating that 95% people in gaol believe in god. Non-religious people are under represented in gaol.

Anyway, here's another christian murder sceen:

And a hit and run:
The article doesn't say that they are christians but, on percentages, they probably are.

So, what's the point? Fundies will blame atheists without evidence. They feel that it is wrong and that they get their morality from christianity so the person commiting the crime must not be christian. I say that the nature of christianity is to dispise others. Because I'm not a member of your church you do not value me. God will forgive them not matter what evil they commit. Christianity isn't making the US a better place, it is just making people think that they are better than others.

These were christian crimes.

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