Theists actually believe this stuff!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

They say: "Without God, how would we know how to be good?"

How do we know how to be good without God? I think that our morality and social rules have evolved. Religion has co-opted these social rules.

Anyway, what happens if the rules all disappear? I have a couple of examples:
. Japan and Scaninavian countries have abandoned religion but anarchy hasn't ensued.
. The Dutch town of Drachten removed all of its road signs but traffic chaos has not ensued. In fact, in Bohmpt, Germany, things have gotten better with less crashes and more polite sharing. There are only two rules: stay under 30mph and give way to anything to your right be it a bike, a pram or a vehicle. Easy :)

So, what's going on? Without clear commandments, why don't people just run wild? I think that people pull their heads in when they don't know that they are in the right. If you feel that ideas you get are pre-approved by an omniscient being you will carry them forward, right or wrong.

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