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Friday, August 22, 2008

The problem of credulity.

The problem of credulity.

Fundamentalist Christians believe that witches are real and active in this world right now. I find the holding of such beliefs impossible to fathom.

So, what is the problem with this. This is their private belief, how does it harm me. The problem is one of credulity. If you will believe this, the next step is to denounce your neighbour as a witch because you have experienced some hardship.

This is my theoretical, good-christian time line:
1) You believe in witches because your preacher told you to. Belief without proof, evidence or any reference to reality is particularly pious thus your standing in the church community is enhanced.
Any outsider denouncing such beliefs is accused of intolerant hate crimes because christianity is inherently good and opposing good can only be bad.
2) The whole War on... WTF comes up. Because it is instigated by a christian nation (setting aside USA's strenuously secular establishing documents) it must be morally correct. Thus to oppose it is morally incorrect.
3) You've started now... surely Guantanamo Bay must be right too. Ego kicks in. You've started something and you don't want to look foolish so you are going to insist that you're right... all the way to the bitter end.
4) Deep down you know that Guantanamo Bay is mistreating people that were probably just going with the crowd and that military trials are unfair. You want to do unto others as you would have them do unto you but your hands are tied.
However, you are determined to be right and the whole thing has so much rhetoric attached that you can't give up now. Your minister said that Guantanamo Bay was necessary. He was holding the bible in his hand when he said it. If he was wrong about that... maybe he's wrong about other stuff

Now we come to the problem. This whole thing started with an excess of credulity. What will you believe next? Will you believe that legal looking trials aren't enough? Will you take that next leap of faith and let a Guantanamo-like system of indefinite detention and torture for witchcraft? Do you already hate homosexuality because you were told to? Are you OK with eating shellfish even though both indiscretions are mentioned together?

Why don't we have a couple of stonings... just to see what it's like. It is in the bible after all. Maybe it'll get you closer to god. Has the thrill gone?

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