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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If god is dead, who gets his house?

If god is dead, who gets his house?

This is an interesting article about whether atheists need to establish a church like structure. This, I think, would be more for the benefit of theists. This would let them categorise atheists. Theism is about division.

The time and resources required to create an atheist church (sic) are better spent. Sponsor a third world child and volunteer at meals on wheels. This would take a similar amount of time and money and would make the world a better place. Sitting around in church patting each other on the back because you're all off to heaven might make you feel better but it does nothing.

The comments talks about atheist hostility towards theists. I don't really care what others beleive unless it affects me. It starts to affect me when religious groups want others to conform to their moral code. For example, if someone wants an abortion, that's up to them. It doesn't affect my world. This is other people's problems and has nothing to do with me.

When people start stopping valid scientific research because of their nonsence beliefs, this affects me. When religions want to ban books or videos because of their nonsense beliefs they have to expect a reaction.

I don't want to see the world fall back into another dark age. Countries are falling one by one under the control of religious nut bags directed by their imaginary friends.

Turkey is the latest to fall. Turkey was a secular democracy now the Queen of England is greated by the President's wife wearing a head scarf, the simbol of religious oppression of women by men (not by a god - man created god).

They say fight fire with fire. Fight islam with fundamentalist christianity. That's like fucking for virginity!

Do good things in the world because the world is better and it's all we've got.

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